Classroom Expectations


Mr. Edison's Class Expectations


Simple Procedures:

  1. Bring your book, pen/pencil, notebook, homework, and any other materials to class each day. You will need a pencil on test day.


  1. Be in your seat working on your “Bell Work” when the bell rings. You are tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings.


  1. When I say the words, “May I have your attention please” I need all eyes looking at me, mouths shut, and ears tuned in.


  1. Sharpen your pencil and use the stapler before the bell rings. Have your homework ready to turn in when the bell rings.


  1. Stay in your seat until the bell rings and do not pack up early unless I am finished.


  1. All work must include your name and class period in the upper right hand corner of your paper. This must be legible. (I need to be able to read it!)


  1. If you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what you missed by the following steps: 1) Ask your partner or a reliable friend next to you. 2) Look in the assignment tray. 3) Talk to me as a last resort.



  1. Do your best!


  1. Do what is right!


  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated!



  1. Grades will be based on tests, quests, quizzes, homework assignments, opening class assignments, participation points, writing assignments, projects, and current events.


  1. All grades will be given a point value and the accumulated points will be divided by the total number of assignments.


  1. I will NOT accept late work! Bring your homework the day it is due!


  1. A “good excuse” will not be an excuse. I will accept NO excuses!



General Information:

  1. Please write legibly because if I cannot read it, I cannot grade it.


  1. If you need to talk to me I will be here before school or you can see me during homeroom.


  1. This is going to be a very positive classroom so whining, complaining, and negative attitudes are not allowed.


  1. Cell phones are not allowed to be used during the class period so keep them put away.


  2. With this being a “transitional year” we will all need to be extremely flexible.


  3. Please charge your computer the night before you come to school. If you need to charge your computer I have a power cord available, but you must ask first.


  4. Please use the restroom before class. You have 5 minutes during passing period so use your time wisely. I may let people go from time to time, but I may say no as well.


Cheating Policy:

  1. I do not tolerate cheating and it won’t be allowed!


  1. When tests have been handed out there will be no talking until everyone has turned their test in.


  1. If you are caught cheating you will receive a zero for that particular assignment.


  1. If your eyes are looking at someone else’s paper then you are cheating.


Ways to Reduce Your Grade:

  1. Working on other materials during class that does not pertain to the subject matter. (Using your computer for things you are not allowed to use it for)


  1. Sleeping in class! This is not allowed!


  1. Not paying attention. (Bell Work, socializing, not being prepared)


  1. Poor or no note taking.