A Short Bio


Hello.  My name is Michael Edison and I live in Plymouth, Indiana and teach social studies at LaVille Jr./Sr. High School. I have lived in Plymouth my entire life except for the 4 years that I attended Bethel College.  I have been married for 11 years to my wonderful wife Emily.  We met at Bethel College in the fall of 1997 and it has been wonderful ever since.  We have 4 children: Lauren – 6, Brooke – 4, Lance – 2, and Ella – 6 months.
One thing I have always wanted to do as a teacher is to teach overseas.  I have had the amazing opportunity to go on several missions trips and thought it would be fun to teach kids in a 3rd world country.  Being able to teach kids has always been a passion of mine.  I love having the opportunity each and everyday to make a positive impact in the lives of the students I come in contact with.
I am always pretty excited when kids graduate and then come back and tell me what a positive impact I made in their life.  I had one student a few years ago that I didn’t even think was interested in class or in hearing me talk.  He ended up graduating and coming back in to my classroom and telling me that I was the biggest influence on his life up to that point and the only reason he graduated was because of me.  This was very humbling to me and made me realize that even when I don’t feel I am making much of a difference that I really might be.
My hobbies and interests are hanging out with my family, being outside and enjoying nature, working outdoors, coaching basketball, hanging out with friends, and watching sports.