State Project


State Report




1.  Choose a state of your choice.  Once you have decided your state you need to tell me so I can mark it down.  There will be no doubling up on states.


2.  Research your state to find out key information.  The following items are things that have to be included in your research:

- Capital

- Population

- Current Governor

Date Entered the Union

- Motto (If there is one)

- Nicknames

- Flower

- Bird

- Song

Major Industries

- Points of Interest

- Population Density

- State Flag                            

- 5 Major Cities


* You have to find 10 interesting facts about your state.


* You have to list 5 things you would do if you visited this state. (Festivals, sporting events, places to see, etc.)


* You may also include anything that is unique to your state or things that it is famous for.  These could be famous structures, state parks, notable places to see, physical features, unique laws/customs, traditions, interesting foods, etc.


3.  You must create a KEYNOTE (PowerPoint) presentation for this project.  The more color, pictures, and creativity you have the better your grade will be!  Make sure to include all of the above mentioned items.  You will most likely have 15-20 slides as a minimum.  


4.  You will have all of Tuesday and Wednesday to work on your project in class on your computer.  Use your time wisely!  The assignment will be due on Thursday, October 13th.  It will be worth 100 points.