Meeting Management

Meeting management is perhaps one of the most important elements of local government administration, since it encompasses the different strategies, procedures and working parts that make up a successful meeting. Meetings are often required for a wide range of purposes, including budgeting, business strategy development and other aspects of planning. The process of maintaining a good meeting attendance is essential for meeting success.

Most of these meetings are organized by meeting management services, which provide proper guidelines, techniques and procedures to meet the requirements of their clients. These services can also assist with scheduling meetings in order to keep meetings within an acceptable time frame. Meetings should be planned out in advance, so that all parties involved are informed about the agenda, timeframes, topics to be discussed and key personnel to serve as guides during the proceedings. These can include the organizers of the meeting, the participants and any other people who are invited to the meeting. These people can be present to help the meeting go smoothly and can also make suggestions regarding certain issues or concerns if necessary.

Before attending a meeting, it is best to have an agenda, which will list everything that will be covered during the meeting. This will ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and does not drag on unnecessarily. It also provides a checklist for all attendees who wish to speak and participate in the meeting. Since a meeting can last anywhere from an hour to an entire day, it is important to be organized and well prepared.

One of the primary functions of meeting management is to maintain the agenda, which will include details such as the topics to be discussed, the types of questions and answers and how long the meeting will last. Also, an agenda can be set out, listing who is to speak and when. It may also specify, if any questions should be asked. When an agenda is not in place, the planner should prepare one on paper ahead of time. It can then be shared with everyone attending the meeting in order to create a clear picture and make sure that the agenda is followed.

Planning the duration of a meeting is also an important function of meeting management. Most meetings are conducted for a maximum of an hour, and people tend to become bored and lose focus on the meeting when it goes longer than that. Having a suitable time schedule for meeting participation is important for meeting success. It also ensures that no one person has to miss out on any information that is required for making the meeting run smoothly.

Another function of meeting management is to create a written record of all of the participants' names and affiliations at the meeting. This is used for any future follow-up meetings, such as to check on progress and to give the participants a reason for their participation. Having the list of participants listed is important for creating a record of what was learned and achieved during the meeting and can be reviewed and shared with future meetings. This is also useful for creating a record of important issues, concerns or discussions that were not resolved.

An important role of meeting management is to create a meeting budget, which will contain all expenses and the expected results. These expenses should be outlined on what type of materials or resources would need to be used for the meeting and how long it will take to complete the project. It should also include what types of equipment and supplies would need to be used. It is essential for meeting management to keep the budget updated in order to avoid expenses from going over or under the agreed budget. Any unnecessary expenses must be eliminated or adjusted in order to keep expenses from being excessive.

In the end, meeting management services can provide an essential service by making meeting planning and scheduling easier for the participants and organizers of the meeting. Without these activities, many meetings will fail to take place because they are unable to allocate the right amount of time, resources and energy to the overall meeting.



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  • But according to a study by, the ideal meeting time is at 3pm on Tuesdays. (
  • A study shows it makes us less effective, increases stress, and costs the global economy an estimated $450 billion every year. (
  • It is estimated that employees who use smartphones and computers are distracted on average after every 10 minutes. (
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  • According to UK scheduling firm YouCanBookMe, who analyzed meeting data from more than half a million meeting invitations, Tuesday at 2:30 pm is the best time in terms of attendance and focus. (
  • Majority rule: Everyone can voice their opinion, but a decision is final if at least 50 percent of people are on board. (
  • According to a report by Attentiv , 63% of the total meetings held annually are conducted without an agenda. (
  • We have found that the natural tendency of meeting leaders is to speak 50 percent of the time on average. (
  • According to a recent MPI member survey, the average salary of a meeting professional with a CMM is roughly $20k/year more than members with a CMP and nearly $30k/year more than members with no credentials. (