ABC's of First Grade

ABC's of First Grade


A If your child is absent, a note stating the reason for the absence must be brought to school within three days to avoid an unexcused absence. 

We will join Mrs. Ewing for Art class on Mondays.  If you would like to send in an old shirt to be used as an art smock please mark the tag with your child’s name.


B If you would like to send a birthday treat with your child on or near his/her birthday, please feel free to do so.  These treats will be eaten during our lunch time.  Birthdays are recognized during our calendar routine as well.  We will recognize summer birthdays at the end of the school year.  Please do not send birthday party invitations to be distributed at school unless all children receive an invitation. 

I will send home book order forms for you and your child to look over every month.  Book clubs offer books at reduced prices.  It's a great way to build your child's home library!


C Parent and Teacher conferences are held in the fall and again in the spring.  If at any time you feel the need for an additional conference, feel free to contact me.

Communication is important.  Feel free to contact me whenever you have a question, comment, or concern.  You can reach me by phone (770-487-5425), in person, by email (, or by note. 

We have Computer on Thursdays.


D Discipline is simple. We work hard as a class to make the classroom a positive and safe place for all.  Our CARDINAL rules are:


  1. Be a CARDINAL listener
  2. Be a CARDINAL learner
  3. Have a CARDINAL attitude


E My school email address is  I check email daily.  If you have an email address that you’d like me to be aware of, please let me know.

Please complete and return the emergency card promptly. If your home or work phone number change, please inform the office and me.


F Information about field trips will come home in the WOW Binder and will be detailed in the field trip permission slip and weekly newsletter. 


G Our class will have a 40 minute gym class every Wednesday and Friday.  The children are asked to wear athletic shoes on gym days. 


H Students will have homework in first grade.  Homework assignments will vary and will be sent home in the WOW Binder.  Unless otherwise noted, please return the homework packet on Friday.

I Independence is a goal for students because it builds self-esteem and self-confidence.  1st graders are very capable of doing many things on their own and I encourage them to do as much as they can for themselves in the classroom.  Please work on the following self-help skills at home with your child:  zipping, tying, dressing, etc.

J JOURNALS:  First grade students will write in their journals everyday.  They will also participate in writer’s workshop.  Encourage your child to write at home for a variety or purposes.


K Keep updated by checking the WOW Binder every day for notes and important information. 


L Our class will visit the library once a week.  Our media specialist is Mrs. Boyd.  We check out on Wednesdays. Your child will check out 2 books when we visit the library and return them within the following week.  If your child forgets to return the book, they will not be allowed to check out a new book until it is returned. 

Our class eats lunch at 11:15. If lunch money is sent to school, please send it in the WOW Binder. 


M The children will have music class every Tuesday with Ms. Roberts.

The 1st grade  math curriculum provides students with mathematical experiences that help them develop number sense and a positive attitude towards mathematics that will continue throughout their school career and lives.  Many of our math concepts are covered through our daily calendar routine. 


N Important notes are sent home in your child’s Bee Book.  Please make sure to empty your child’s Bee Book daily.  When notes are left in Bee Books we assume you did not get them.


O Open House will take place on September 3rd at 7:00.


P Parent Volunteers are a wonderful asset to our class!  If you are scheduled to help in the class and are not able to make it, please let us know as soon as possible.  Just sending a note in your child’s WOW Binder that morning will be a big help!


Q Questions? Please feel free to call, stop in, email, or send a note.


R Report cards will be sent home 4 times during the year. 

1st graders have afternoon recess from 12:30-1:00.


S The focus of the 1st grade science curriculum is on developing an awareness of the world in which we live.  Science concepts and skills will be explored utilizing a literacy based, hands-on approach.

The 1st grade social studies curriculum focuses on the students and how they relate to others in their families, classroom, school, and community.  Students will also learn what it means to be a good citizen through exploring famous Americans. Social Studies concepts and skills will be explored utilizing a literacy based, hands-on approach.


T If your child has any changes in their transportation please let me know in writing, or through the office.  WE CANNOT ACCEPT TRANSPORTATION CHANGES VIA EMAIL. 


U and V          

Volunteers and visitors must register in the office and pick up a badge.

Family vacations are wonderful opportunities for your family; however, please be sure to let us know that you are planning on taking a vacation (during school time) and fill out a Pre-Approval Vacation Form, available in the school office.  I can send one home in the WOW Binder if you ask for one.


W W.O.W. Binders  help keep us organized.  The three-prong folder houses a homework folder and other items that assist with communication between home and school. 


X Parents and family members may exit and enter via the main school entry. 


Y Your ideasand suggestions are welcome!


Z Zzzzzzz - Make sure that your child gets plenty of rest.  Setting and keeping a bedtime is a wonderful gift you can give your child