First Period- 6th Grade Language Arts

2nd Semester-

Week 1- We will be looking at our new spelling words.  We are starting Unit 5, which deals with Expository Text.  In this Unit we will work on doing research about a famous person, as well as write a multi-paragraph essay using our research.  We are reading "Hurricane Heroes" and answering questions as well as working on Graphic Organizers this week.  We will also complete a Book Look in class.

Week 2- Because of the Snow Days, this shortened week we will spend some time in the Media Center doing research.  We are reading "Gene Scene" pg. 384, and working on Graphi Organizers as well.  We are continuing to work on our Resesarch Projects.  Please check planners for homework.

 Week 3- We are going to review Nouns this week.  We will also spend a lot of time this week collecting research for our Project.  Please check planners for homework.

Week 4- We will be reading the biography of Ray Charles in class and discussing what Biographies are.  We are also going to read "Elie Weisle" a story about a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and discuss the Holocaust.  Students will work on punctuation this week as well as continuing their research.

Week 5- Research papers will be collected on Tuesday.  We are back to working on spelling words, so check the planner for homework every night.  We will begin reading the novel "Holes" in class on Thursday, and read a chapter a day.  There will also be activities that go along with reading this story.  We are going to also be working on Reading Comprehension passages.

Week 6- We are working in stations, rotating between reading comprehension, writing and comprehension games on the computer.  We are also reading the novel "Holes" in class.  We will begin writing an essay on characters using the novel this week.

Week 7- We are working on stations and reading the book "Holes."  Students will take comprehension tests throughout the story.  Students will also be working in class on business cards for the characters.  We will begin Unit 6 on Persuasive Text.