FAQs: Competency Portfolio

After we upload everything into our portfolio, do we leave it as is or do we have to submit it for review?

 Once you have uploaded all of your documents, go back to check that all your documentation is visible on the tabs and that the documents open properly.  Unless you want to make any modifications, your portfolio is submitted. The submission deadline for electronic portfolios for PREP students was extended to Wednesday, April 29th at midnight to accommodate the PASS-Port system being inactive over the weekend.  After midnight on Wednesday, the portfolios will be closed. You will not be able to make any additions or modifications after that time. Evaluations will not begin until after the deadline.

What time on Monday, April 27th, must the portfolios be completed?

The deadline is midnight Monday, April 27th. 

 Do we need to make a copy of our portfolio to turn in, or does it just need to  be uploaded to PASS-Port?

The portfolio will be evaluated from PASS-Port. No copy of the Competency Portfolio needs to be turned in to the Office of Field Experience like last semester. Make sure that all documents have been moved into the portfolio. Check to see that all documents are visible from the portfolio view. This will be the view seen by the evaluator. 

What are the INTASC Standards for each component of the Competency Portfolio?

On your Blackboard shell, under Course Documents, you will find a document entitled Competency Portfolio INTASC aligned. The INTASC standards for each component of the portfolio are provided in red print.

Where can I find the INTASC standards for each tab? 

On your Blackboard shell, under Course Documents, you will find a document entitled Competency Porfolio- INTASC aligned. The INTASC standards for each component are provided in red print.

Concerning standards,  you will need to have the documents within your portfolio in order for you to do this.  Under each document within the portfolio, there is a button called "Add Standards".  You will click on that button and a pop-up window will appear.  At the bottom of the window, you will click on the drop down menu and choose the standards that you need.  You will need the INTASC standards the document.  Once you choose the drop down, the standards will show in the left hand portion of the window.  You will click on the Add button next to the standards that apply for the artifact.  Once you click add, the standard will appear on the right hand portion of the window.   Once you have added all the standards that apply to that artifact, you will then click Save located at the bottom right hand portion of the window.


I understand that the two lesson plans in part D of the portfolio have  to be in the NSU approved format and must relate to the work sample. However, for the technology integration section (part E), may we use a non-NSU lesson plan (for example, one that our school accepts and that we use regularly for lessons?

 The technology-integrated lesson plan may be submitted on a district lesson plan format. You are advised that the format should include all elements of an NSU-approved plan and present sufficient information to the evaluator concerning the lesson objectives, content, activities and assessment.  Include the E. Technology Form D portfolio form with the plan to further support the technology integration. 

Does the technology integration lesson plan have to relate to the work sample or can it be from any lesson we have taught?

As per our last seminar meeting, the technology integration lesson if at all possible should relate to the content and instruction of the Work Sample.If no technology was used in the instruction of the unit, then you must state that and provide the lesson plan and the explanation of the technology integration on Form D.

 SPED only: Does Part F : Performance-based assessment(s) and rubric(s)) have to relate to the work sample or could the PBA be related to other instruction.  

Because of the uniqueness of SPED, the performance-based assessment can relate to student IEP goals and objectives rather than unit objectives. It would seem that these would be aligned.  Form F should provide the explanation of how the PBA relates to those goals and/or objectives.

If the PBA is something that is done orally by a student and assessed through a checklist, do we need to make a rubric for that or just show the checklists? Also what should we attach for examples of below average, average, and above average student work when it is something done orally? What if we are working with a small group of students in Special Education, and they do not produce all of those different levels of work?  Should we just attach the checklist and a rubric that would describe each level of work? 

 If you are using a checklist to assess PBA, than it should be expanded into a rubric that provides levels of performance or competency. Copies of the rubric/checklist are included in the portfolio that show below average, average, and above average student work.  For SPED and Regular PREP, you should show these levels according to the range of scores from your students. If for example the range is from 80%-100%, show an example of top, middle, and low performance from that range.

May we use a single artifact/document as proof for more than one standard in the Professional Characteristics and Disposition form as long as we provide a specific and separate explanation for each standard represented? 

One artifact or document, for example a classroom management plan, philosophy of teaching, or lesson plan, may be used for more than one standard if a specific and separate explanation is given for each standard to which it is attached.

May we use artifacts/documents from our summer or fall portfolios and simply refer to their location without uploading them again? 

The Introductory and Developing Portfolios are available on PASS-Port, and artifacts and documents from those portfolios can be used to address your professional skills and dispositions as they align with INTASC standards. If possible, upload the documents in the Competency Portfolio. In the event that you copy and use this portfolio for other purposes, the documentation can stand alone.  If you cannot upload it, then make specific reference to the portfolio and the section in which the artifact can be found. You want to make it easy for the evaluator to find your supporting documents.

Do we only need one artifact/document for proof of each standard?

 You need a minimum of one artifact/document for each standard.  For some standards, you will have multiple examples. Remember that this is providing evidence of your proficiency. In looking at the Professional Skills and Dispositions portion of the portfolio as a whole, the evaluator will want to see sufficient and varied artifacts. While the same artifact can be used for more than one INTASC standard, you will want to be sure that multiple artifacts were used, not the same one or two examples over and over.

May we use notes/comments from our university supervisor or principal on evaluation forms as an artifact?


 Feedback from university supervisors or principal evaluations can be used as artifacts. You can scan evaluation and/or disposition forms for uploading into the electronic portfolio.

May we use assignments from our PREP courses, such as our personal philosophy of teaching, reports, or article summaries about disabilities to demonstrate our knowledge in certain areas, or does everything we use have to come from what we have used at our school or in our classroom (lesson plans etc.)?


 Assignments from PREP courses and seminars can definitely  be used if they show clear alignment with the INTASC standard. These assignments are designed to encourage growth of professional characteristics and dispositions.

I just wanted to clarify if we can use the 2 Day lesson plans we are doing for Dr. Rhymes in our portfolio.  

 If the 2 day lesson plan is part of your work sample, you can use it in the portfolio. All artifacts in the Work Sample should be from a single unit of study.

 From reading the course information, should my portfolio consist of 3 lesson plans... 1 being a technology integration?

The portfolio should contain a minimum of two (2) lesson plans.  Two of the lesson plans should be included in Part D of the Work Sample: Lesson Plans. This entry includes two (2) example lesson plans from the unit of study.  Complete a Form A.7 for each lesson plan submitted. The approved NSU lesson plan format must be used. Both lesson plans included in the work sample should be from the unit of study and at least one of the lesson plans should include use of literacy strategies.  In Part E of the Work Sample: Technology Integration, a lesson plan is included that should clearly show effective integration of technology in your instruction. This plan could be one of the two example lesson plans form Part D.Just be sure the plan you include provides strong and clear indication of technology integration. The description given also states that this part of the work sample should include:  1) Form D; 2) the lesson plan and other artifact(s) used that indicates integration of technology into instruction; and 3) an explanation of why the technology was appropriate in the instructional process and/or how it supported instruction.  

 I am a little confused on form A.2 Goals and Objectives....on this form; this is to be completed after you have given pretest?  I

It is important to evaluate the results of the pretest to best determine which of the unit objectives you will select for the Work Sample. Form A.2 asks you to identify 2 unit objectives, one of which that is higher-order. The instruction you plan for the unit will include teaching and learning activities that address these objectives. At the end of instruction, you will use post-test data to analyze whether students mastered these two objectives and report those results in Part G: Aggregate analysis of student work using Form A.4 and Part H:Reflection on the Impact of Instruction on student achievement using Form A.5  

On F. Performance -based assessment, I noticed that I wrote in my notes that a rubric was needed....is this for the technology lesson plan or the lesson plans for the lesson plan portfolio entry. 

For Part F. Performance -based assessment, Provide example of at least one performance-based assessment used for the work samples.  An explanation and examples of performance-based assessments can be found at: http://www.emtech.net/Alternative_Assessment.html.Copies of rubrics that show below average, average, and above average student work. (Form F) You may also include artifacts, such as written work or photographs of projects or performances with accompanying rubric.  The following site provides information on the creation of rubrics for assessing performance-bases assessments and activities: http://school.discoveryeducation.com/schrockguide/assess.html