Developing Portfolio FAQs

FAQs: Semester 1 Developing Portfolio

Questions about the development and content of the Semester1 Developing Portfolio will be addressed here. The page will be updated as questions are received. If your question is not addressed, please send the question to

 Questions about PASS-Port should be addressed to Mr. Sanson at

What is the submission date for the Developing Portfolio?

Ist Semester Interns should submit the Developing Portfolio for Spring Semester 2011 must be completed and uploaded to PASS-Port on or before Monday, May 2nd at midnight.

Where can I find the templates for the Developing Portfolio?

The Word templates for the portfolio can be found  on the EDUC 5410, EDUC 5420, EDUC 5430, EDUC 5440 or EDUC 5450 Blackboard course under Course Documents  Open the appropriate portfolio for your program to access the templates. Templates can be completed in Word and then uploaded to your portfolio on PASS-Port. Templates are not available on PASS-Port.

How do I open the developing Portfolio in PASS-Port?

In order to upload artifact and documents to the Semester1: Developing Portfolio, you must first open the portfolio template in PASS-Port. The directions for opening the portfolio template are: 

 Open Internet Explorer, type in , and click on PASS-Port Log-In located at the top of the screen. Also you can type  in address bar.

To Create the PREP, SPED PREP or MAT Developing Portfolio:

Create the portfolio only once (see information below to add more artifacts to the same folio)

Click on the Folios tab.

Click on Create Folio for Working Portfolios. Please do not type in a folio name.

Click on Create From Template.

Click on the drop down menu to choose College of Education.

 Click on the drop down menu to choose the appropriate Developing Portfolio template required.

Click on Create and Edit (Template opens).  

For further information contact Mr. Sanson at 357-4004 or 1-800-376-2422

Email:   Also try:

Can I use a philosophy that I have written for another course?

Your philosophy of teaching is a synthesis of your educational perspectives and preparation. It combines your knowledge and beliefs about teaching and learning in your content area into a personal rationale and vision for your teaching. Your philosophy of teaching is based on historical, philosophical, and social foundations and theories of education and how this knowledge guides your educational practices. In addition, it should include your beliefs and vision for effectively teaching all students and your role in promoting the well-being of your students, their families, and the larger community.

You have been asked to write your philosophy of teaching as part of earlier coursework, but most likely your philosophy of teaching is a work in progress.  Make modifictions to your philosophy based on the additional knowledge and experience and new challenges in teaching and learning to which you have been exposed since first writing your philosophy.

Be sure that your philsosophy specifically cites theory and research, as well as personal beliefs.