Upon arriving at school one Monday morning you notice an unusual amount of police cars in the parking lot. You think it's strange but by the time you had gotten to your locker and headed for your first class, you had forgotten all about it. Until that is, you walk by the library and notice caution tape blocking the entrance and you see three police officers talking to the principal and librarian inside. When you get to class you ask some of your classmates if they know what happened. Your teacher overhears your conversation and explains to the class that over the weekend some students broke into the school and completely vandalized the library. While this is big news, you aren't too surprised considering this is the third time in two months that someone has vandalized the school.

A week later every student receieves a letter for their parents. You read it, and it explains that the school cannot continue to be vandalized. Working with the police, the school has hired an expert in criminal profiling to help them with the recent problems. The expert has researched and collected data on all the students responsible for all the vandalism over the past two months. Using this information, the school and police department are putting together a list of students who are at "high risk" of vandalizing the school. To help create this list, every student is required to fill out a questionnaire that details their personality, hobbies and types of behavior outside of school. If a student refuses, he/she will be suspended for one week. 

A week later you receive the questionnaire. You and your friends review the questions at lunch. They include questions such as: "Are your parents divorced?", "How many nights a week do you eat dinner as a family?", "What time do you go to bed?" You and your friends are very mystified and don't understand how these questions could help determine if you were at risk to perform a crime. You conclude that these questions are an invasion of your privacy and you suggest an act of a civil disobedience in order to voice your opinions. You know this is a serious matter and want it to go well so everyone agrees to research different types in order to make the best decision on which option is best. You only have a few days before the questionnaire is due so don't waste any time. After researching three different kinds of civil disobedience, select one that you think is most appropriate for resisting your school's invasion of privacy.