Get into your assigned groups of three. Within your team, make sure each of you has read the introduction so everyone fully understands the setting and guidelines for this project. Each person in the group must choose one of the civil disobedience focus areas to research. (No one in the same group can research the same area.) The focus areas are:

  1. Peaceful rallies/sit-ins
  2. Speeches/essays/poems/songs
  3. Boycotts

Use the resources provided to answer the following questions about the focus area you are researching:

In one paragraph, explain the general process of your area of civil disobedience. Does this civil disobedience include large groups of people? Was there a specific leader involved? Was the civil disobedience incorporated into daily life?

In one or two paragraphs, explain the consequences of the civil disobedience you researched. Were people who participated in your civil disobedience focus area arrested? Did society look down on peple who participated? Was the civil disobedience successful in enacting change? What barriers did people using civil disobedience face?

Develop a plan based upon your focus area of civil disobedience that applies to the invasion of privacy affecting you and your peers. This should be a detailed plan that reflects thorough understanding of the steps and ideas from your research.

Decide whether or not you think the plan you devised will work. Do you think that the ideas and practices of the civil disobedience you researched are applicable to your situation?

Type all of your information and research and bring two copies to class. One will be giving to the teacher for grading and another will be used within your team.


Your team will meet together and share the information that you have found. Each person will report on their focus area and explain the process and consequences. Then, each person will explain the plan they devised from their research.

After your group has shared their research, work together and create a definition of civil disobedience. This is not a dictionary definition. It should be about a paragraph in length and describe all significant aspects of the concept.

It is now time for your team to create a plan of action against your school’s profiling. This is a very detailed and strategic plan of how you will protest and gain public support against school administration and local police. This plan should reflect the research that you have done. Your teams can choose three ways to plan:

  1. Your team can vote on and accept one team member's plan and use it as a basis for your own strategy against the policy.
  2. Your team can decide to combine two, three, or all of the focus areas into one plan.
  3. Your team can decide that none of the focus areas are appropriate for your situation. This means that your team's plan will be original.

Each plan should include a minimum of two pages of the process for your civil disobedience, including locations, participants, projected cost, and time. You will also have to provide at least one page of justification for your decision. This means that you have to explain why you made the decisions that you did. Finally, your group should write at least one page describing what you hope to achieve from your plan.