Melinda Aaron

Pointers to Learn On-Page SEO Rules

Before you get down to the rules, you should first of all know what on page SEO mean. It simply refers to all the settings that your SEO Company applies on your site to make it optimized for all search engines.

If you are a beginner, it’s very important that you start by learning basics on page SEO rules. In this way, you will know what to avoid and what to include when you are applying techniques on your website.

  1. Keyword placement

For you to attract more traffic to your website, you must place all the keywords on their right places especially in the body of your content. Furthermore, you should also get better placement for your keywords in all the search engines.

  1. Stay within the required keyword density

It is the proportion of a particular phrase or keyword appears on the web page as evaluated to the total figure of words posted on the same page. Keyword density is usually used as one of the main factors to determine whether or not your web page is appropriate to certain specific phrases or keywords. Precisely, a keyword or a phrase should not be less than three percent and should not exceed eight percent. If you overuse keywords in a content, Google could consider it a spam and penalize your web page.

  1. Page content

For your site to perform better and rank well in search engines, you must write your content appropriately. For instance, use headings, subheadings and good formatting. The better you organize the content on your website, the better it will perform. This is an important on page SEO rules you must focus on.

  1. Navigation

Navigation is one of the main factors that determines whether search engines will be able to access every page and any other information within your website. It also determines how effective search engines can be able to access everything within your website. For great optimization and indexation, use CSS or Text navigation.

  1. Have good internal linking

For better optimization, you must link all web pages on your website. Linking simply refers to the action of linking one page of a website to another via an image or a text.

  1. Coding

Coding greatly affects how your website will perform when it comes to optimization and indexation within search engines. Therefore, you must build your site appropriately. It’s not advisable that you code your website yourself especially if you are not an SEO expert.

  1. Have just one H1 tag on every page

H1 informs the searches engines how important the information, image or photo you have inserted between the tags are. If the information is important, the search engines will definitely pay attention to it. It is recommended that you have only one H1 on every page. When implementing content marketing, H1 tag is very important on page SEO rules that need to followed correctly.

If you are a busy employee or you simply don’t have plenty of experience and skills to build an SEO website, I would strongly advise that you hire a professional SEO agency. You might not be able to adhere to all the rules I have discussed in this article because you lack expertise and resources get the job done the right way.