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Week of 11/2/09 

Monday-Friday/ Reading Log: Read a book to yourself, with a parent, or sibling.  Log time (at least 15 min.) in your Agenda. *Parent initials required*


Math: P. 14

Spelling: Write words 1-5 in sentences.


Math: P. 15

Spelling: Write spelling words 6-10 in complete sentences


Math:  P. 16

Spelling: Write spelling words 3X's each- study for test


Math: P. 17

Spelling: Pre Test


No Homework (With the exception of the daily Reading Log! Laughing)     Have a GREAT weekend!

Spelling List 9-

Test on Friday

1. run   2. nut

3. bug  4. fun

5. cut   6.rug

 7. put  8. shop

9. under   10. thin

*Bonus  11. November




Get 2 Months for $5!