Letter sounds

It's very important for young children to know the alphabet and the sound each letter makes.  Knowing letter sounds will help you learn to read new words.  Remember parents, it's not C-A-T when reading the word cat, it's ka-aaah-ttt.  Help your child decode words by practicing letter sounds with them.

Letter      Sound          Word Association

A               /aaa/          apple    (short a)

B               /b/              boy 

C               /c/              car

D              /d/              dog

E              /e/              egg    (short e)

F              /fff/            fan

G              /g/             goat

H             /h/              hat

I             /iii/              igloo   (short i)

J            /j/                jump

K            /k/                kick

L           /l/                  lollipop

M         /mmm/                map

N         /n/                 nap

O        /o/                   octopus    (short o)

P         /p/                   purple

Q        /kw/                queen

R        /rrr/               rat

S      /sss/               sat

T        /t/                tap

U        /u/              umbrella    (short u)

V           /v/           van

W         /w/          wagon

X           /kx/        box

Y          /y/         yak

Z          /zzz/        zebra

Long A       Able

Long E       Easy

Long I       Island

Long O      Over

Long U       Use