Miss Lloyd's Philosophy of Music Education

Zoltán Kodaly, a famous music theorist, once asserted, “Often a single experience will open the young soul to music for a whole lifetime. This experience cannot be left to chance; it is the duty of the school to provide it.” To experience music in a multitude of ways, through singing, playing an instrument, dancing, or moving, is a privilege upon which all students should be entitled. It is my belief that through these experiences, students will develop a life-long appreciation for music, both inside and outside of the classroom.

The development of a life-long appreciation for music is not dependent on talent. All students possess innate musical abilities that can be fostered in a positive classroom environment built upon principles of trust and mutual respect. In the music classroom, students will feel comfortable taking risks without the fear of judgment or criticism.

 Like the music they will study, students come from many different backgrounds. Due to the fact that not all students learn in the same manner, music instruction will be tailored to meet the needs of a diverse student population. The learning of music will be a team effort, and the music educator will collaborate with the students, parents/guardians, and other colleagues to ensure that all students experience success.

The study of music provides many lifelong benefits to students, including invaluable skills in self-discipline, group cooperation, time management, and the development of self-esteem. In addition, those students who study music often score higher on standardized tests than those students who do not. Music promotes excellence which can be measured inside and outside of the classroom. All students deserve an education enriched with music.