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7th Grade Assignments and Homework

10:47 - 11:33

Fourth Hour


Reading 7: Read Aloud: Marley & Me  Lit Circle Work DayReading 7:  Lit Circle Meeting 2 Reading 7:Read Aloud: Marley & Me Lit Circle Work Day! Reading 7: Lit Circle Meeting 3 Reading 7: Read Aloud: Marley & Me SSR  Friday Letter Due  
11:36 – 12:22

Fifth Hour

Language Arts

LA7: G.U.M Unit 1 Test 2

LA 7:Persuasion Ethos, Kairos, Pathos PowerPoint  Take A Stand Game

LA 7:Persuasive Essay Format Template:  Good, Better, Best ArgumentTransition Words LA 7:SCOPE Magazine Work on Essay/SpeechLA7: SCOPE Magazine Work on Essay/Speech
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