About Me

My journey within the behavior world started over 20 years ago when what I thought was my dream unfolding to become an elementary educator quickly detoured.  I walked out of my first college level course in elementary education marching my 18 year old self right into my college advisor's office.  There I sat proclaiming my boredom with the content.  I was hungry for more.  I was eager to teach those left behind or those falling through the cracks. The next day I entered my first course in Exceptional Student Education, Behavior Analysis for classrooms K-12.  Now we're talking! I couldn't put the text down, this was before the age of the internet boom.  With each passig day in the semester I was longing to track behavior from the videos presented, analyzing all the details from birth to home life from communication deficits to academic progress.  

Within the next 4 years of my undergrad studies I spent countless hours going over and beyond the required "intership" hours making connections with students and families ages 5 to 17 years old.  Within my first year teaching I encountered several challenging scenarios with students who were homeless, medically fragile, gang affiliated, pregnant or low achievers.  To this day we remain connected as they thrive in society recalling our behvaior chats, daily reward systems, conferences and interventions that put them on the right track. 

Twenty-one  years later, and I'm just as eager to help postively modify an individual's behavior by making a difference in their life, one child at a time. Most times in aiding others I discovered it was more about me changing my approach, my mentality, my attack if you will, than them.  With every small step I made they met me with two giant leaps forward.  

I hope you are equally motivated to assist those who need it the most. 

All My Best,

Melissa Loepz