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This is your one-stop shop for all your behavior needs.  From identifying problematic behvaior in the school setting, to collecting data and implementing positive interventions, this is your place to be. This site is a collection of documents and resources for your use as needed.  But first, you must believe all behavior can be changed!

“Every day in a hundred small ways our children ask- Do you see me? So you hear me? Do I matter? Their behavior often reflects our response.”
- L. R. Knost


All Behavior is Not the Same!  Ways to change problematic behavior:

1- Identify the function, the WHY, one behavior at a time

2- Begin collecting data to determine frequency, setting events, duration, and consequences. (Functional Behavioral Assessment)

3- Develop positive intervention strategies to replace the problematic behavior. (Positive Intervention Plan)

4- Return to stable functioning

FBA Docs.




Behavior change promotes a culture in your classroom and school where all children thrive. 

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