Mrs. Mueller's class web site

Dear parents, students, and teachers of Madison Junior High,

Madison Junior High has connected with Herff/Jones e-share, which is a secure way to share your own candid photos that could be considered for the MJH yearbook.  You can log on to the site listed below, use the  password for our school, then upload pictures of MJH students at games, activities, etc.  No one will have access to the photos except the yearbook staff, and the pictures will only be used for consideration in our MJH yearbook.   Also, if your student has a unique hobby, we will consider a few  spotlights.  We are looking for photos that capture some action and the students are not posing for the camera.  Including your e-mail will help us if we have questions about the photo.

Help us make our yearbook better by e-sharing!                       ~Mrs. Mueller, yearbook advisor

Parents and students will go to and enter our school code: 2018664.