English 8A class information and syllabus


English 8A

Mrs. Mueller

~class outline~materials~procedures~expectations~


Welcome to English 8A!  We will be studying the elements of fiction, such as plot development, personification, alliteration, etc. through short stories. We will read John Steinbeck’s novel The Pearl, developing comprehension and critical thinking skills, and at the end of the 3-week unit you will be asked to create a related project and present it to the class (near end of trimester).  Along with our reading, we’ll study grammar, vocabulary words, and practice writing skills through journal prompts and Daily Oral Language.   We will be writing a compare/contrast essay, incorporating the 6 + 1 writing traits. Homework may consist of vocabulary worksheets and/or grammar assignments.  You will also be expected to read a book on your own and then write a summary when complete.  Please share this information with your parents and have them sign below.


Curriculum outline:

  • 6 + 1 writing~ compare/contrast essay
  • Short stories/elements of fiction
  • The Pearl
  • Letter writing
  • Elements of drama


Class starters include:

  • DOL/grammar
  • Journal writing
  • Vocabulary

Materials needed- please have by Monday (spiral notebook by this Friday):


  • 1” binder, dividers, looseleaf paper
  • spiral notebook (70 count is fine- college ruled)
  • Blue or black pen and pencil
  • This information sheet  with parent signature (worth 10 points)
  • Dry-erase marker (blue or black)
  • Access to a travel / jump drive is optional but real handy when working on essays/reports


Policies & Procedures:

  • Assignments are due at the beginning of the hour
  • All late assignments will receive a 50% deduction from the earned score
  • Students have 2 days for every day absent to turn in missed work.  It is your responsibility to get missed assignments from me. 
  • Three hall passes per trimester (planner is used as a hall pass, so bring it every day!)



Respect-for yourself as well as others.  Respect includes being punctual, prepared, polite, and productive.  Remember that if cell phones are seen or heard, they will be taken to the office.  No food or drinks in class (clear water bottle okay).

Every day – you are expected to bring your binder, spiral notebook, pen/pencil, planner, and reading book.


I am excited to start a new year, and I look forward to getting to know you!  I have great expectations for a successful and enjoyable trimester. 

Parents:   Please contact me with any concerns or questions. My e-mail address is muellerm@d321.k12.id.us , or you can call me at home #716-1564. Thank you!   ~Mrs. Melodee Mueller


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          Parents- please sign and return- I will record and return to student for reference                              date