Important Information for Parents

Beginning of the year reminders…
  1. The teachers are Pre-K: Mrs. Melo and Mrs Santos, Pre-Sschool: Mrs. C
  2. The Preschool door can be used until 8:15 after 8:15 your child is considered late. At that time you may enter the school through the front doors. The door will be used again at 2:00pm. If your child must leave in between these times please use the front doors.
  3. Cubbies in the hallway are alphabetized and are for rest time things only, a blanket, pillow and a small stuffed animal. (Please be aware that toys from home are not allowed, unless I send a note home stating that we are doing something special then they may bring it in.) There are hooks underneath for your child’s coat and backpack. They’re set low in order to help your child with self help skills. So please let them practice by putting their stuff away. We ask that backpacks not be too small in order to fit projects and lunchboxes at the end of the day, a bigger backpack also makes it easier for your child to place his/her belongings inside themselves.
  4. The cubbies in the classroom are for lunchboxes and daily coloring pages they may do.
  5. Sign in and Sign out binder is located on the counter to the left when walking in the door. It is very important that who ever is dropping off your child or picking them up signs in/out and writes in the time.
  6. Snacks… pack at least three snacks and 2 or 3 juice boxes for morning snack and after rest time snack.  
  7. Please remember to bring in a complete change of clothes (shirt, pants, socks, underwear) only one set is necessary and it does not need to be a uniform. Also if they use the emergency set of clothes please remember to send one in the next time your child comes in to school.
  8. Lunch payments are to be made on Monday for the week, please put money inside envelope with the child’s name, days your child would like lunch, and the amount that is inside. If your child is absent you can call it in to the office or you can let us know on Tuesday. Just beware that if it is too late in the week we can’t order lunch and if you order lunch and your child is out there is no refund.
  9. Your child will do work in school everyday but if it doesn’t go home it’s because they haven’t finished or I haven’t looked at it. If the work isn’t out for display then I have put it away for a surprise later. Please make sure that their folder comes in and goes home with them everyday it will have work and at times special notes inside. Please have your child place them in the black bin in the morning when they come in.
  10. Their will be homework and it will be stated it on the top of the paper. Their will also be weekend homework, when we start the alphabet it will be continuous for 26 weeks. I will send a note home when homework is due.
  11. Reminder please do not park in Fr. Jim’s driveway please park on the street or the church parking lot, this is for emergency purposes.
  12. Sticker charts will be put up to help your child remember that with good behavior they will receive a sticker at the end of the day. If they have a tough day (exp. Not listening, not keeping their hands to themselves, not working, etc) they will have a sad face on their sticker chart. Depending on the offense they will either move areas or sit at table for a short time out.
  13. CORI checks please get it done through the school when they offer it. I can’t stress enough how important this is especially when the end of year field trip comes up and parents want to go and can’t because they didn’t do the CORI check. They will be offered soon, please look for office notes with the dates.
  14.  Dress code is to be followed like it is in the hand book. Please only sneakers and gym uniform on gym day and school uniform and black shoes on all other days. Sweaters do not have to be worn all the time it gets really warm in our classroom.
  15.  Please put your child’s name on everything, this is because they are roughly the same size and they sometimes tend to put their stuff wherever. This includes backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets and sweaters/sweatshirts; you’ll be amazed at how many look –a- likes we get.
  16.  If your child throws up or has a fever we automatically have to send them home it is the school policy and it is to avoid spreading any thing that may be brewing.
  17. Your child will be having Art on Tuesday and Gym on Thursday.
  18. If you would like to do something special for your child’s birthday please let me know a couple of days in advance so that we are prepared to celebrate it on the day you want.

 Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with your child. If you have any questions please feel free to speak to myself or Mrs. Santos.                                                         

Thank you, Mrs. Melo & Mrs. Santos