Star Student Week


Dear Pre-K Parents,


I have put together the chain of events for star student week. This will be the week that that your son or daughter is a star. Each child will have a week to be a star and I randomly picked names and made it work out that I have a star student every other week.


The Friday before your child becomes a star, I will send home Dizzy Dino to spend the weekend with the family. This is a time for your child to baby sit or should I say dino sit Dizzy and to gain more responsibility. I would like your child to draw a picture of something they did with Dizzy and if you the parent could take a moment and write a short paragraph explaining what the weekend consisted of. This is to be turned in on Monday along with Dizzy.


On Monday I will read your short paragraph to the class and show the picture your child drew. This will also be the time that I show the All About Me Robots.


On Tuesday your child may bring in their favorite book and up to six pictures of family and or fun times, that they could talk about and that I could then display on our star student board. (Your child will take these home on Friday.)


On Wednesday I am asking parents to write me a letter or poem (doesn’t have to be long) about their child that I could read to the class. This is a great time to tell us why your child is so special, special talents they may have or past memories that you would like to share, etc. (You will get this back.)


On Thursday you may bring in your child’s favorite treat to share with the class. This is completely up to you and you need not do this if you don’t want to. I just request that you let me know on the Monday of star student week if you are bringing something in. ( I will have a special stash for those children who may not be able to have your treat.)


Finally on Friday your child may bring in a special toy that he would like to show and share with the class. I ask that it is small enough to fit in to their backpacks and that it doesn’t have too many pieces. They will also be awarded their Star Student certificate.


If you have any further questions about Star Student week please feel free to ask me.


I hope you and your child enjoy this week!