Mr. Brandenburg’s Science Syllabus 2016-2017

Physical Science
Human Anatomy

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Melvin Brandenburg
(701) 854-4503


A             93%
B             85%
C             75%
D             65%
NC          <65%

GRADE = points earned ÷ total points possible

Example: 75% = 300 points earned ÷ 400 total points possible

Semester grade breakdown:

                Final exam:                         10% of semester grade
                Tests:                                   45% of semester grade
                Daily work:                          45% of semester grade

Athletic and Activity Eligibility

  • The eligibility policy stated in the school handbook will be followed.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to know the eligibility standards and maintain eligibility.
  • No exceptions will be made.

Absenteeism & Late Work


  • When a student is not present for class, the student is absent.
  • For absences coded as grief, inpatient at hospital, homebound, incarcerated, or for an official school function; the due date will be adjusted by three days after the student returns.
  • For absences coded as suspended or skipping class, the due date will be adjusted to the day the student returns.
  • School handbook applies             



Late Work Submission

  • Assignments are due the date stated, during the class period
  • At the end of the day     5% penalty
  • 1 day late                             20% penalty
  • 2 days late                           40% penalty
  • 3 days late                           60% penalty
  • 4 days late                           70% penalty
  • 5 days late                           80% penalty
  • > 5 days late       0% of earned points will be recorded in grade book


  • Students will complete assignments and submit them on time.
  • Students will follow classroom rules, routines, and directions from the instructor.
  • School handbook rules apply.

Classroom Rules

  • If you have a question, please ask. It is likely someone else has the same question.
  • When there is a substitute teacher, the same expectations of student behavior and classroom rules apply. Treat the substitute teacher with respect.
  • Participate in assigned activity in class. This class is not a democracy, I expect students to do as instructed, without exception.
  • No sleeping, head down is counted as sleeping. To learn you must pay attention.
  • Eating and drinking in class is not permitted unless directed by the instructor.
  • Use of your own planner is the only acceptable planner for pass to the restroom or other location. Passes are a privilege and may or may not be approved.
  • Cheating will result in a zero entered in the grade book. Talking, passing notes, or any other form of communication during a test is counted as cheating. It doesn’t matter what is being discussed.
  • Writing on desks, tables, or textbooks is considered vandalism and will result in a disciplinary referral.
  • Profanity or threats are not acceptable speech, and are not allowed.
  • Mr. Brandenburg’s desk is off limits. Do not take things from the teacher’s desk unless instructed to do so.
  • Do not open cabinets or handle with items on counters unless instructed to do so.
  • Students are expected to come to class prepared.
    • That means do the homework, reading, and bring items expected to have.



Classroom Routines

  1. Upon entering the room at the beginning of the period
    1. Pick up the daily work packet.
    2. Take your assigned seat and begin working on the first activity in the packet.
  2. Put your name on each assignment or activity.
  3. Participate in activities as directed by the instructor.
  4. There is only 1 acceptable location to submit work
    1. In the assignment turn-in box.
    2. Do not place your assignment on Mr. Brandenburg’s desk.
    3. Any work left at your seat, left on counters, left on the floor, left in your locker, thrown away, or at any other location is not turned in; to include Mr. Brandenburg’s desk.

i.If you left your work in your locker, the student is not permitted to leave class to retrieve it. It can be turned in at the end of the day for a 5% penalty.

ii.If I happen to find it, I will grade it, but I am not responsible for turning in a student’s work.

  1. If the instructor doesn’t find it, it won’t be graded.
  2. I will not look for it, turning it in is your responsibility.
  3. Late homework policy applies.
  1. It is the student’s responsibility to: 
    1. write legibly
    2. arrive on time
    3. bring homework or other assigned materials/activities completed
    4. bring a pencil

i.If you use pen the assignment will be…

  1. returned to the student with a blank copy of the assignment
  2. accepted for submission only after the blank copy has been completed in pencil.
  3. The late homework policy applies.

ii.Red pen will receive no credit.

  1. Red pen is for the instructor to use to provide feedback

iii.Pencils allow you to correct mistakes. Since everybody makes mistakes, this it is good to be able to correct mistakes. Pencil is your friend.

  1. The instructor will not have pencils to give or loan. See the office, a friend, bring one from home, or borrow from a friend.
  1. The bell doesn’t excuse the class, the teacher does.
    1. Do not line up at the door ahead of the bell.
    2. Loss of all of the daily activity points will occur if this happens.



Weekly Grading

  • Assignments are due as stated on the assignment.
  • Assignments will be graded within 3 school days of the due date.
  • Weekly grades will be submitted Wednesday evening for inclusion in grading for the week.
  • Each Thursday a weekly assignment progress report will be given to students to allow them to see which assignments are missing, what to make up, what to improve so they can maintain eligibility and not lose credit due to overlooked assignments.


NOTE: All items in this syllabus are subject to change at the discretion of Mr. Brandenburg. Changes do happen, but are rare. Mr. Brandenburg reserves the right to make exceptions to policy on a case by case basis.