Mendocino Choir Boosters



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The Mendocino Choir Boosters are comprised of a fabulous group of parents who help support the choral program, director and help to raise funds for music festivals. The Choir Boosters need YOU!  They are looking for new volunteers to help out this year. Meetings are on the 1st Tuesday of the month @ 7:00PM in the K-8 Choir Room. Please come to FIRST MEETING OF THE YEAR ON SEPT. 4TH @ 7:00PM IN THE K-8 CHOIR ROOM.

Here is a list of areas that the choir program will need help with this year. If you would like to help with one of the following, please send and email to



[   ] House Manager

-Two people are needed to help manage the audiences at concerts. One person is needed for the balcony area and one person for the bottom audience area. These people would help to keep the house quiet during the performances and help seat people who come in late. These people would also let the director know right before the concert, that most of the audience has entered and been seated and that the director can start the concert.

[   ] Door/Tickets

[   ] Handing out programs

[   ] Set-up and selling refreshments

[   ] Willing to bring refreshments



[   ] Fundraising Chairperson for Boosters

[   ] Helping to acquire raffle items for raffle

[   ] Chaperoning pizza nights

[   ] See’s Candy sells


Spring Musical

[   ] Help with sets

[   ] Help with hair and make-up

[   ] Help with chaperoning rehearsals

[   ] Providing snacks for rehearsals

[   ] Backstage supervision

[   ] Help with costumes



[   ] Phone calling coordinator



[   ] Driving for Candlelight Inn Tour Caroling

[   ] Driving for HS honor choir auditions

[   ] CMEA Music Festival

[   ] Concert rehearsals @ Cotton/Day of the concert