North Coast Idol



Middle School and High School students from the Mendocino North Coast are eligible to participate. Registration is $10. Auditions will be held on Friday, May 15th with a youth event following that evening for all participants. Semi Finalists will be announced at the end of the youth event. Semi-finals will be held Saturday evening, with a finals announcement at the end of the evening. Finals will be held Sunday afternoon. Semi Finals and Finals will be held at Cotton Auditorium and open to the public with a $10 admission.
Forms may be printed out online at or you may pick forms up at Mendocino K8 or High School and Fort Bragg Middle or High School. Please make registration checks out to Mendocino Choir Boosters and turn forms back into the school offices for Jenni Windsor in Fort Bragg and Kim Bratton in Mendocino. DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS DECEMBER 21ST.




Make checks payable to Mendocino Choir Boosters

Form and fee due on December 21st.







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I have read the rules, terms and conditions to participate in the North Coast Idol Competition. I agree to abide by all rules in order to make this a successful music experience for all involved.


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Please turn completed forms and registration fee into either Mendocino K8 or High School Attn: Kim Bratton or to Fort Bragg Middle or High School Attn: Jenni Windsor


Thank you for entering the North Coast Idol Competition sponsored by the Fort Bragg and Mendocino Choir Boosters. By entering this contest you agree to abide by all rules listed below. The spirit of this singing competition is to promote a fun and family atmosphere and showcase individual talent in our coastal community.


The contest is for solo singing only. No bands are allowed however individual contestants may use a guitar or keyboard for their performance. Contestants using instruments must let the committee know prior to the date of the competition.


All lyrics must be clean; there must be no suggestive language or foul lyrics. No rap.


All competitors must adhere to the Dress Code policy; no revealing tops or skirts, extremely tight clothing, or the showing of underpants/bras/etc. will be permitted.

Choral Directors Jenni Windsor and Kim Bratton reserve the right to accept or refuse any contestant who is not adhering to the Dress Code policy. If you are not sure - it is advised that you bring alternate garments or something you can wear over the outfit.


This contest is open for middle school through high school ages of all races, creeds and religions.


NO consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs will be permitted during the competition


Judging will be based on vocal ability, stage presence, tone quality, and personality. Contestants’ ability to play instruments will not add to the judge’s score.


Each contestant is required to pay a $10 registration fee


Props, costumes, dress and movement will be noted by the judges but will not necessarily add to the overall score of your vocal performance. However violations to the dress code policy will deduct from score totals. Light costume changes or the adding of accessories can be made if contestants wishes but will not be judged.


Contestants who miss their semi-final round or final spot will NOT be given the opportunity to make up their time slot. Person (s) will be immediately dropped from the competition.


Good sportsman like conduct will be expected from all contestants and guests. Courtesy is to be extended to all performers. NO booing, snide comments, harsh critiques, etc will be permitted. This can be grounds for point deductions and disqualification for the contestant who is making the harsh remarks or the contestant the guests are there to see.


Video taping of contestants is permitted for personal use only. Persons may only videotape their contestant only. There is to be no reproduction, or rebroadcast of the Idol Contestants performance.


All contestant songs should be in CD format or on an ipod. Contestants must bring THREE copies of their song with them the night of their competition.


Background music must be accompaniment only – NO LEAD VOCALS OR MELODYwill be permitted, and can be grounds for disqualification. Songs must be in the original artist format for the genre stated on the list, no alterations or recreations permitted.