Ways to become a deck officer in the merchant marine

The Deck Cadet Course India is a lucrative and pleasant line of work that demands a lot of hard work from the day you enter a maritime academy, be it marine science or marine engineering.

As with the choice of any type of education, the selection of a career in the Merchant Marine also requires a considerable amount of time spent on research so that a prospective person can choose the Merchant Navy Courses In Jaipur that best suits their needs. Some may aspire to become cover officers, while others may be interested in engineering knowledge.

With a plethora of Institute Merchant Navy Rajasthan offering a variety of courses, it is natural for a candidate to get confused and, in the process, make a wrong decision.


There is innumerable Institute Marine Engineering Rajasthan and it is natural that you lose the possibility of choosing. However, it is necessary to understand that not everyone offers the way to become a Deck Officer on the ship the way they imagined it.

The role of a Deck Officer in the merchant navy is indispensable on board and it is important for a possible Cadet to know what a deck officer does on board the ships.

All this apparently intimidating work is designated, divided and managed between the Cadet in Training, the 3rd Officer, the 2nd Officer, the Chief Officer, under the supreme supervision of the Captain of the vessel.

The prerequisites to joining a maritime course pertaining to the Merchant Marine generally remain low, except physical condition and medical requirements. However, it is recommended that an interested person consult with the respective institute that offers the course to obtain the exact criteria.

The following training courses from Best Merchant Navy Colleges in Rajasthan for covered ward officers are those that will greatly assist an individual in determining what is best for a chosen path to become one.

B.Sc. Nautical science

This is a 3-year cover officers training course that is available in India. In the United Kingdom, this is a 4 year course. However, the method incorporated in the completion of this course varies between India and the United Kingdom.

After that, he seeks employment and gets on board a ship as a merchant marine cover officer in training. In the United Kingdom, work and learning are incorporated together within the course (a part of the recruitment process for cover officers), with basic modules and work-based learning properly divided within the four years of study. Merchant Navy After 10th Application Form can be fill online.

Nautical Sciences HND

HND means the Higher National Diploma. This is a 2 year course that takes place between an Indian Institute and one in the United Kingdom in mutual contact. The first 39-40 weeks of the course are spent studying in an Institute in India, while the next 39-40 weeks are spent in an Institute in the United Kingdom.  And Navy Online Application Form for thsi thsi course can downlaod from the offical site.

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