A Shining Career Opportunity - Merchant Navy

The travel opportunity to all over the world and the attraction of journey on the high seas, at the back the chances of high remunerations magnetizes some youngsters to make a wonderful career in the field of Merchant Navy with best Marine Institute In India. The field of Merchant Navy is very much different from the navy in the logic that it provides commercial services, as different to the navy that is completely involved in the defense of a nation.


The field of Merchant Navy is the excellent support of global trade, carrying freight in the whole world. The ships use a lot number of employees to deliver and carry goods from one place to another place. Without the help of merchant navy and Merchant Navy Institute In India, much of the export-import business will come to a crushing halt!

A merchant navy career after filling Merchant Navy Forms is measured an alluring job, mainly by the people that have been bitten by the bug of travel. It provides a wonderful opportunity to visit exotic and new places all over the world. Merchant Navy Courses After 12th is not just financially rewarding but even satisfying and a somewhat challenging.

Eligibility Criteria of Merchant Navy Course

  • If talking about the eligibility criteria for joining merchant navy is completing 12th class with Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Though you can even join Merchant Navy Courses After 10th.
  • If you are candidates of merchant navy then you have to be single Indian citizens (female or male).
  • Usual vision is needed but glasses up to minus or plus 2.5 may be permitted by Merchant Navy Colleges.
  • Admission in the Marine Engineering Colleges is throughout an entrance exam followed by a test and a written exam.
  • After passing the test, there is a round of interview as well as a medical test.

You even need to finish a ship-training course earlier to the job. The course provided by Top Merchant Navy Colleges In India is normally short-term where the applicants are taught basic concerns of security of voyaging.

There are only some private colleges that provide proper level of training for merchant navy as well. These colleges get ready their students for jobs like marine engineering and deck cadets jobs.

Merchant Navy Entrance Exams

After finishing of class 12th, involved candidates can come for the IMU CET. Generally, this type of exam is conducted in the May month. Some other types of exams that can even serve as a wonderful entryway for Marine Engineering are MERI Entrance Exam, JEE, TIMSAT.

Now you should know about Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must pass 10th for the purpose of GP rating Course.
  • For Engine cadet and Deck cadet: you have to be 10+2 with PCM 60%.

Exam application can be done through online sources. Along with the merchant navy application form, candidates must submit a short summary of 100 words which declares why they want to apply for the Merchant Navy course.