What should I consider before studying Naval Engineering?

The ocean and the boats will be your place of work if you decide to study Marine Engineering Courses In India. The work of a naval engineer goes beyond the construction of ships and can develop jobs in very diverse industries, such as port administration or the exploitation of energy.

We give you details about this career, your job opportunities, Marine Institute In India and if it is the engineering you should study.

Transport in ships is one of the most important industries in the economy and essential for imports and exports.

The Naval Engineering from Merchant Navy Institute In India focuses on the necessary materials to train professionals capable of designing, building and maintaining different types of boats and ships, either vessels for the transport of goods, submarines or for leisure sailing and navigation.

Today, maritime transport is still the most economical way to move goods and all kinds of materials, so the design of ships, their maintenance and management are still very important professional tasks, necessary and offering multiple job opportunities well remunerated.


What should I know about the Naval Engineering career?

  • If you are interested in studying this career from Merchant Navy Colleges and want to make this field as your professional career, you should start by knowing if your profile fits the needs of the studies. For example, it is important that you have a good base in physics and mathematics if you want to join Merchant Navy Courses After 12th.
  • It is also relevant that you feel interest and a certain skill to understand and manage mechanical processes or operate machinery.
  • Of course, it is vital that you feel passion for the sea, the boats and understand that your profession affects nature and you must develop it responsibly.
  • The salaries of this type of engineers depend on their field of work, specialty and experience, but it is easy to find offers with salaries around 2,500 Euros per month, plus extra bonuses if the work involves travelling or spending a lot of time on the high seas.
  • It should also be borne in mind that job offers are usually concentrated in the main port areas and shipping industries.

Occupational profile.

The Mechanical Engineer from Top Merchant Navy Colleges In India is an integral professional who works with property in an engineering plant aboard a ship or a land installation, with the capacity to develop the design, construction and maintenance of naval structures and engineering plants.

The career of naval engineering has a strong scientific basis, so if you are looking for a "simple" career it is probably not the best for you

Merchant Navy Forms

If you want to join this course it is must to fill the Merchant Navy Forms. It is possible to do Merchant Navy Courses After 10th as well as after 12th in India.

Merchant Navy after 10th Application Form can be gets online from site of Marine Engineering Colleges or from the college itself.

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