What is mesotherapy?

It is actually a procedure that makes use of needles of hormones, enzymes, plant extracts and vitamins for skin tightening and rejuvenating, and removing surplus fat. Originally, this treatment process was developed by a doctor in France Michel Pistor in 1952. The purpose of this treatment was to ease pain. A few years later, this treatment has gained too much fame in the USA as well as other countries of the world. Today, mesotherapy no injections option is also available. The uses of this treatment process are –


The treatment of alopecia, a condition that lead to hair loss

  • Lightening of pigmented skin
  • recontouring the body
  • tightening the loose skin
  • fading lines and wrinkles
  • reducing cellulite
  • removing fat in areas such as face, arms, legs, hips, buttocks, thighs, and stomach

The conventional mesotherapy makes use of extremely fine injections for delivering a sequence of injections into the center layer of skin. The purpose of this treatment method is to correct essential problems such as inflammation and poor blood circulation that leads to skin damage. Well, there is not a typical formula for the ingredients injected in this treatment process. Doctors make use of a number of various solutions such as -

  • minerals and vitamins
  • herbal extracts
  • enzymes such as hyaluronidase and collagenase
  • hormones like thyroxin and calcitonin
  • prescription medicines such as antibiotics and vasodilators

Is mesotherapy effective?

To be honest, it is rather difficult to say whether mesotherapy works or not, since a number of various methods and substances is employed in the procedure. Loads of research has been conducted to check the procedure. And several of the researches that have been conducted were very small. The recent researches on mesotherapy have confirmed that this process has not much of a profit for skin rejuvenation.

How much time it takes to get recovered?

If you are thinking about getting facelift without injections, there is not any downtime normally. A number of people can easily get back to their normal routine immediately. While some of the people may require taking a day off because of pain and swelling after getting therapy with injections.

Final Thoughts

Mesotherapy is considered as a promising treatment procedure for body contouring and to eliminate unwanted fat. But, the effectiveness and safety of this process are not proven yet. Mesotherapy as a treatment process has not been commended by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of USA), however most of the mesotherapy products and substances employed in the treatment do have authorization for the treatment of other condition.

Only if the substances have approval from FDA, they may be employed for mesotherapy. This is said to be an off-label usage of the accepted substances. Doctors do not make use of any set formula for mesotherapy. That simply implies that you might get a totally different treatment procedure with one practitioner than you would get with some other. If you really want to get into the procedure, then you need to look for a licensed doctor who has enough experience in this business. This will aid to reduce the negative effects.