About Doc

In 1996, I worked part-time as an adjunct professor for several universities in the West Los Angeles area before I took a full-time position teaching chemistry and biotechnology classes and conducting my own research at a university in Texas.   When I needed to re-locate back to Pennsylvania (where I am from), I took a job near my home eventually teaching anatomy, biology, genetics and some chemistry.  When I met my husband, I left that job and went north to a rural small town where there were few employment opportunities for someone with my professional background.  Eventually, I was hired by a parochial high school.  I taught chemistry there for 8 years and then I decided to move into the public school system.  I ended up with 2 PA certificates - for biology and chemistry and I taught biology and anatomy at the highschool level for 4 years.  I enjoyed the community college setting and also taught for a new community college in my area as well.