Native American Studies Adventure


Our Third through Fifth grade classes will embark on a journey as we discover the people, culture, and history of Native Americans.
Our goal and philosophy is to engage students in meaningful literacy instruction as they engage in a variety of activities across the curriculum, using technology and Library resources..

When used correctly, the Internet can be a powerful research tool for both students and teachers. Students have access to a wealth of free, current information, and at the same time have the chance to improve their computer literacy skills.

Often, information from online educational sources is more up to date than hardcopy journals. In our Native American/ Library Tech class we plan to utilize a WebQuest, in which groups of students work together to achieve a finished project through the use of Web and library resources.

A WebQuest is a discovery-based activity that presents student groups with one or more problem-solving tasks on a given topic. A good WebQuest is a creative way to challenge students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition to the WebQuest, students will participate in small group activities as they read and discuss the history of several Native American Tribes.

Our website has been developed so that children will only go to websites that are monitored by our staff.

We will offer pupils supervised access to the Internet. This allows students access to a large array of online educational resources that we believe can greatly enhance students’ learning experience. Students begin the Webquest by learning some common background knowledge, then dividing into groups and taking on individual roles and tasks. The idea is that individuals effectively become experts on one aspect of the topic.

Finally,students combine their learning by completing an activity. Please check out the webquests for each grade level and email us if you have any questions about this activity.

Third Grade NASA Standards and objectivies

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Wendi Spencer - Title VII Coordinator

Joy Anni - Librarian