Weekly Focus

Reading:                        monkey pop-up

Phonemic Awareness- Onset and Rime, Phoneme Isolation, Phoneme Blending short o words.

Phonics- working on words with short o (-og, ot, and -op). 

Fluency- Working on reading words with the short o with automaticity.

Vocabulary- Working with new words: they, one, does, her and two.

Comprehension- Working on the main idea and details of a story.


 We are working on addition concepts. We are also learning our addition and subtraction facts of 0,1,2, and 3.   Please help your child with their facts. These need to be memorized.


We are learning about writing sentences with capital letters, ending puctuation and spacing between words.  We are also working on writing nice and neat.  We are now using lined paper to journal on, this will help.