Sleuth Finder's Log



Print this page and put your answers in the blanks.

1.  Afghanastan is on this continent.__________________________

2.  This country is on the western border of Afghanastan. __________________________________

3.  The two main languages spoken in Afghanastan are ________________________________  and   _______________________________.

4.  _________________________________ is the capital city of Afghanastan.

5.  What is the name of the typical clothing worn by boys?   __________________________________

6.   A chador is worn on the _______________________________by this gender...________________________________

7.  What is shalwar kameez?  ______________________________________________________________________________________

8.   Mantu, food, a building, a city???  __________________________________

9.  Who are the Taliban? ___________________________________________________________________________________

10.  Write something you heard while listening to the Afghanastan language.


11.  List three facts about DeboraH Eliis: