I believe music is one of the fundamental aspects of education that has the ability to provide a creative and healthy outlet academically, socially, and emotionally.  Because of the endless opportunities for growth, expression, and camaraderie, success can be found for all in the music classroom. 

I believe in a classroom environment where every child can experience success.  With new strides being made in the field of Music Education, the textbooks of yesterday are being transformed into keyboard labs, drumming circles, and interactive song- games, allowing multiple outlets for expression and achievement.  Whether a child learns kinesthetically, visually, or aurally, I believe that success is nearly impossible not to find in the music classroom.  Even more, it is then that this success from music can translate and flow into not only other subject areas in school but in life as well. 

I believe that it is the responsibility of the teacher to direct his or her students in the direction of success by creating a safe, open, and encouraging environment.  I want my students to think outside of the box and be creative in the music-making process.  I believe in a classroom where students are encouraged to be risk-takers and fearless learners.   

I believe in a classroom that not only celebrates the big picture but the small steps involved in the process as well.  It is these small building blocks which form a solid foundation of accomplishment and achievement.  Once built, more goals and achievements can be laid upon this groundwork and when a step is taken back after reflection, one can truly see how the once small pieces and steps ultimately form a masterpiece.