Parents Section

Preparing for the First Day of School

1. The Clark County School District provides all necessary supplies for your child's education.  However, I understand some families may choose to buy supplies for their children.  Some of you already have the supply list; if not it will be posted on here shortly.  You may get a head start and bring these items in during our Meet and Greet on August 22nd.  Please label the items with your child's name.  If you would like to donate more items to our classroom please feel free to check out our Wish List on this website.  Thank you for all of your help.

2. I understand that first grade is an important and exciting time in your child's life.  The first few weeks of school are very crucial to shaping our classroom culture.  Your child is going to learn how to be responsible and independent.  This is the reason that there are to be no parents accompanying their child into our classroom when they arrive at school.  The same goes for at the end of the day when parents are to pick up their children at the sunshine.

3.  There are some things you can have your child practice to help them prepare for first grade.   These things are:

  • Identify and write the letters of the alphabet (upper and lowercase).
  • Identify and write numbers 1-10.
  • Know the following colors: red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, pink, brown , black, and white.
  • Know the following shapes: circle, square, triangle,and rectangle.
  • Write his or her full name, first and last, using uppercase letters at the beginning only.
  • Know their birthday- month and year.
  • Recognize their name.
  • Know their address (house number, street,city,state,and country.)
  • Know their phone number.

4. Review with your child our class behavior plan and the consequences.  It will benefit our class greatly if you observe the plan at home as well.