Ms. Call's Third Grade Class

This Week in Social Studies:

    We are starting a unit on Ancient Greeece and Rome!  We will be learnign about how these ancient civilizations have inspired our present world in terms of architecture, government, and sports.  This unit will consist of making crafts, participating in group discussions, and conducting research.

Unit Goals=  The student will recognize Ancient Greek and Roman influences on the present world.

Vocabulary to go over at home with parents:

  • Contribution= the act of giving or doing something
  • Direct democracy= a government in which the people vote to make their own rules and laws
  • Representative democracy= a government in which people vote for (elect) a smaller group of citizens to make their rules and laws for everyone
  • Civilization= a group of people who came together to share their culture, to develop the use of written language, to make advances in teh arts and sciences, and to form a government
  • Ancient= Things that have happened in the long ago past 

Assignment for this week:

Due in class Thursday:  Students will use their notes from class to write a short postcard to a friend of family member telling them why the Colosseum is so important, why they should come to Rome to visit it, and what architectural features they will see there.  This will be written on the back of the Colosseum picture given out in class.

Long-Term Assignment:

Assigned October 12th due October 19th

Role= You are the first scientist to successfully invent a working time machine!

Mission= With this new technology, you will first visit the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.

Task= While in each ancient civilization, your task is to explore and document their distinct attributes of architecture, government, and sports.  You will record your findings by including pictures representing these attributes in a time travelling scrapbook.  each picture will also need captions explaining the characteristics of the ancient civilization.  you will also write a one page letter to leave each civilization telling them how their attributes impacted our world today and create a scrapbook page of examples of their attributes in our current world.  (For pictures you may draw your own, cut them out of magazines (ex. National Geographic), or print pictures in class from bookmarked internet sites.)

Amelia Willenborg

This is the student of the week because she went out of her way to assist others with their assignment when she finished early.  This was an effective use of time and a good demostration of what we expect in our classroom community!

Next week it could be you!