Room 10's Homework Policy



Why does my child have to complete homework? 

We believe homework is important because it help reinforce what has been learned in class, prepares students for upcoming lessons, teaches responsibility and helps students develop positive study habits.  

How often is homework assigned? 

Homework is assigned every night excluding Saturdays and Sundays, unless a special assignment or project is assigned. I will give at least 3 days notice before tests or quizzes. Assignments (excluding reading and writing) should take no more than 30-45 minutes at night. Please check your child’s STAR folder every night for assignments and important notices.

The behavior report and reading log must be signed every night!  

What should I look for? 

Every day, your child should bring home their STAR folder and a book baggie. Your child will have the following assignments:

Monday – Friday

Reading - Read for 10-30 minutes and complete reading log. Log must be signed by a parent. Make sure write the date, the title and how it felt (E – easy, JR – just right or C –challenging) Please write your child’s name and student number in the upper right hand corner.  Reading Booklets are handed out each Tuesday and are due each Monday.

Monday - Thursday

Math – 1 worksheet, sometimes 1 sided, sometimes 2 sided. Please write the name and date on all papers. Please write student number in the upper right hand corner.  

Word Study - All work must be done on a separate sheet of paper with a proper heading. Please fold the paper in half vertically.  

(Heading)                                      Student Number in the upper right hand corner

First and Last Name                        Date

Subject                                          Assignment

Skip a line then begin the work  

Every week, you must choose four different spelling activities and complete them with QUALITY on a separate sheet of paper.  You must hand in homework each day. Please make sure to write the assignment on all homework turned in. Please see the list that was sent home at the beginning of the year.

Lists will come home on Fridays. This will give you a chance to practice and review the words over the weekend.  

What are your child’s homework responsibilities?

We expect students to do their best job on each homework assignment. We expect homework to be neat, not sloppy. All written work should be done in pencil. We expect homework to be completed finished by class time the following morning.  

What will happen if students don not complete their homework assignments?

If students choose not to do their homework, I will ask that parents begin checking and signing completed homework each night. If students still choose not to complete homework, they also choose to lose certain privileges. After three homework assignments have not been turned in, or are turned in incomplete, the parent will be contacted.  

What about legitimate reasons for a student not completing a homework assignment?

If there is a legitimate reason why a students is unable to finish the assignment, please send a note in on the date the homework is due stating the reason it was not complete. The note must be signed by a parent. 

Should I help my child with his/her homework?

Homework is a review of skills already learned, not an introduction of new skills. Therefore, every student should be able to successfully complete his or her homework every night.

Some Tips:


Have a consistent place for completion of homework         

Help him/her organize and plan           

Break up the time into shorter chunks, so that it is not overwhelming        

Check the work for neatness and completion         

Send a note to the teacher if the child tried the homework, but it was too hard         

Listen to your child read, read to them or with them          

Ask your child questions about his/her day


Complete the homework for your child         

 Write the answers for them  

How is homework graded?

Homework checked every day. Some homework assignments will be graded and included in their final grade for that subject.  

How will I know how my child is doing on homework?

Check your child's behavior log that is sent home daily. Your child can earn up to 2 credits for completed and correct homework. If an assignment is incomplete or has multiple mistakes, he/she will earn 1 credit. If nothing is turned in, he/she will receive no credit.