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Fun at Home!

At home, please take time to help your child improve on the skills we are mastering in class. There are many activities you can do with your child to help him/her work on those skills and be the best at whatever they do. 

For math:

~ Pull out different types of coins and have your child practice recognizing them. Ex. Half dollar, nickel, dollar coin, etc. Then have your child add up the value of the coins all together and practice taking coins away.

~ Make addition or subtraction flashcards to practice their math facts

~ Have your child tell you the time at different hours of the day. Ex. At dinner time, ask your child to go to the clock and tell you what time it is. At bedtime, have your child tell you what time it is etc. Have them tell you the # of minutes in an hour etc.

~ Pratice skip counting (2s, 5s, etc) by counting items or steps taken.

For reading:

~ Have your child read to you. Then ask your child questions about the story like who were the main characters? What was this story mostly about? What is the setting of the story? What was your favorite part?

~ While your child is reading, encourage them to use their reading strategies when trying to figure out tricky words. Encourage them to read through the whole word, find a little word inside the big word, chunk the word, find clues in the picture or skip the word and then come back to it to figure it out.

~ Have your child practice vowel sounds short a for apple, long a for alligator, short e for elephant, long e for easel, short I for little, long I for ice, short u for umbrella, long u for unicorn.

Here are some fun and interesting websites that your child can work on to practice different skills we are learning in class.

These websites have many different games that your child can use to practice math and reading:

Decodable Books on Powerpoint:

Reading games and websites:

For word sorting and word study activities:

These websites are great for learning Science concepts:

These websites are great for learning Social Studies concepts:


 Other Fun Sites

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