Word Study Homework Activities


Word Study Activities

Every week, you must choose four different spelling activities and complete them with QUALITY on a separate sheet of paper.  You must hand in homework each day. Please make sure to write the assignment on all homework turned in.

Type It Out - Type out your entire list of words on the computer. Change each vowel to a different color. Print out and hand in.

ABC Order - Write your entire list of words in alphabetical order.

Rainbow Words - Write your entire list of words using different colored crayons for each letter.

Backwards Words- Write your words forwards once, then backwards once. Both words should be on the same line.

Words without Vowels - Write or type all your words and replace all the vowels with a line.

Words without Consonants -   Write or type all your words and replace all the consonants with a line.

Story Words - Write a short story using all your words.  

Make It Different- Type your spelling list four times on a computer, with each list typed in a different font.  Print it out & glue it into your notebook.

Draw It - Chose ten words. Draw a picture that represents each word. Be sure to label the drawing with the word.

Ransom Words - Write your words out by cutting letters out of a newspaper or magazine and gluing them onto a sheet of paper.

 Reversed Words- Write your words in ABC orderbackwards!! 

Magazine Words- Use an old magazine or newspaper and find each of your words.  Cut each word out and glue it into your notebook. 

Other Handed Words- If you are right handed, write all your words with your left hand and vice versa. 

Choo-Choo Words- Write your entire list end-to-end as one long word, using different pencil colors or crayon colors for each different word (so that I can read them!) 

30-second Words- Write a TV Commercial for an imaginary product using all of the words from your list. 

Make it Mobile- Create a mobile from a coat hanger and interesting paper.  Include all of your spelling words.  Bring this in to share when this is completed. 

A Different Kind of ABC Order- Write your words one time.  Arrange the LETTERS of each word in alphabetical order when you write it a second time.  Be carefulthis really can be tricky!!  Ex) because abceesu 

Puzzlemaker- Make and complete a crossword puzzle with all your words on the website http://puzzlemaker.com/.  When you are finished finding all the words, glue it into your notebook.   

Design it- Write all of your spelling words in one continuous line to create a picture or design. 

Four Times Each- Write each of your spelling words four times each neatly.  These should be written across the page on the lines, not bunched up! 

Sentences- Write a quality sentence for each one of your spelling words.  The sentences should make sense and be in your best handwriting.  Don’t forget to underline each spelling word. 

 *********New lists are sent home Friday for families to study.********

Also, Please check the word study test that comes home each Friday that we have a test. The test will be stapled to your child’s behavior chart. Please have your child write the words that he/she spelled incorrectly over the weekend. If there is a note that your child will retake the test, please study over the weekend.