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Conrad J. Storad


Conrad Storad is an award--winning children's author, editor, and science writer based in Arizona. Storad grew up in Barberton, Ohio and traveled to Arizona for graduate school at Arizona State University. He is the creator of more than 50 science and nature based children's books. He is also a member of the National Association of Science Writers, Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators, International Reading Association, Arizona Book Publisher's Association, and is a past president of the University Research Magazine Association. Conrad Storad currently resides in Tempe, Arizona with his wife.


              Don't Call Me Pig!                                               Lizards for Lunch                                            Rattlesnake Rules     

       Don't Ever Cross That Road!                                Life in the Slow Lane                                           Monster in the Rocks


Here are some fun activities to do!

  1. Make your own desert habitat just like the desert setting in all of Conrad J. Storad's books! Use different desert animals and plants to create your own desert world for your own desert story! Check out Mr. Nussbaum's Habitat maker at !
  2. Create your own story about your very own rattlesnake!  Print out our A Rattlesnake's Story outline and get started

  1. Get outside and look around to discover some new desert plant life! Or go to your local or school library to look up desert plants and become desert researcher! Print out our Desert Plant Research paper and get started!

  1. Can you figure out which animals are found in the desert? Check out Conrad J. Storad's books and print out this worksheet to see if you can remember all the different desert animals! Or have fun coloring the Sonoran Desert!