Ms. Hamilton's Engineering Class

   Welcome to Sophmore Engineering! I am so excited to get you started on your journey in the Engineering Academy!


What should I expect? 


Imagine this - you're 24, graduated high school, went into a career, technical school, or 4 year college. You have a big job opporuntity coming up that you need to win the bid for your team. This is the moment you have been training for. You have spent days, months, and maybe even years training to win this bid. 


In this class, we will be REAL engineers. You will have 4 projects to complete. I will have a timeline to hold you accountable for the tasks you need to complete. We will be using the Engineering Design Process (EDP) to eventually create a design. We will have professional partners come in twice each quarter! The first time they come in, they will be giving suggestions to help you continue to push through. At the end, you will present to them your project and prototype to win the bid. You will have to keep up with your plans from the beginning to the end, come up with a final powerpoint, poster, and prototype.  


We will have a lot of fun in this class! With fun, we need structure with rules and expectation. Without rules and expectations, we will have accidents and we do NOT want accidents this year! 









Quarter 1


Safety - Hand and Power Tools


Quarter 2


Bridge Building and



Quarter 3


CO2 Dragster Cars



Quarter 4


Water Rockets




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