Kindergarten rotates through a 4 day cycle. On Day A we have Music, on Day B we have Oratory, on Day C we have Gym, and on Day D we have Art. 

These times are general. Some lessons go longer and some will be shorter, depending on what is being covered. Learning Lab time will also be woven in throughout the day. Science or Geography topics are generally covered in the afternoon, but are often woven in to other topics such as oratory, handwriting, and morning meetings.

Ms. Hanlon's Class Schedule

8:40          Morning Work

8:50          Bathroom Break

9:00          Handwriting

9:35          SPECIALIST **See Above

10:10        Snack & Calendar

10:35        Direct Instruction Reading

11:30        Math

12:00        B.I.T.S.

12:15        Recess

12:40        LUNCH

1:00          Bathroom Break

1:10          Rest Time/Read Aloud

1:45          Science or Geography

                  (Once a week Latin . . . 1:45 - 2:05)

2:45          Recess

3:15          Finish Projects/Learning Labs

3:40          DISMISSAL