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    Only five more days and we are half way through Fourth Grade.  I can’t believe how fast this school year is going.  Fourth grade is so much fun.  I wanted to give everyone a little update as to what we have been working on in class, to give you an idea of what may need a little practice or reinforcing over this long winter break.

    As a way to motivate students to keep up their skills over break, I have given them NON-manditory assignments.  These are simply fun ideas to keep their skills up in each subject.  These were all written in their planners at the beginning of the week.  I have told them that if they complete any subject, they will earn a homework pass for each subject.  I also told them that I will check my e-mail every few days during break if they have any questions as they go along.

    Reading:    Complete the Winter Reading Program through the public library and bring me back the certificate of completion.

    Math:         5 a day.  Please complete 5 three digit by two digit (ex: 456 x 78=) and 5 four digit by one digit division (ex: 1234 divided by 5) each day, Monday through Friday (150 problems total for the whole three weeks).

    Social Studies:  Research a native tribal of California and write about them.  Single essay format is fine.  This does not need to be as full as our endangered species report, but  should show research and full essay format.  Create a craft from that tribe.

    Writing:    Write a thank you letter to anyone who sent you a gift but you did not get a chance to see them in person (yes, you can modify the who).  Write using friendly letter format, with addresses, etc., while completing a 5 paragraph essay.  Make sure you have used some of our writer’s craft: hyperbole, similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, dialogue, idioms, and personification.

    Science:    This is an introduction to our next unit.  Find a rock and research it’s formation.  Explain the “Rock Cycle” of your rock, how it was formed, etc.  Illustrate its cycle.

    As you can tell, we have been learning a lot of new skills, and mastering many more that were introduced in third grade.  The students are doing fantastic, with an average of over 80% on our last Chapter 4 math test, and 85% on our last Selection test.  Way to go Fourth Graders!  As always, however, if there are ever grades that show your child may need to review or practice, please have them correct and return any grade below a C (70%) to improve their grade and more importantly, their mastery of the subject.  My goal is their long term mastery, not just good grades, although those are a nice side effect of hard work.

    Their Friday Folder has grades in all subjects this week, from their report to their Native American project.  They have worked very hard on all of these assignments.  Please take some time to review them with  your child.

    They have also worked very hard on their surprises they have been making this week, and last.  I hope you enjoy them in a week or so.

Happy Holidays,

Mrs. Harte