Mrs. Haun's Math Page


My name is Mrs. Haun and I am the 5th – 8th Grade Math Teacher at Riverside Academy. This is my second year at Riverside and I couldn't be more excited to be back working with our amazing students. It is going to be a fantastic year with lots of interactive activities, projects, games, and most importantly learning! My goal this year it to give each and every one of my students the opportunity to be the most successful individual they can be. I not only want them to grow in their math and reading skills, but I want them to continue to develop the skills they need to become a world class citizen.

I hope that this year will be an opportunity for parents to become more involved with their child’s learning. I encourage parents to help their kids stay accountable for the assignments and material that they will be responsible for this year.

I am always available after school for phone calls with questions or concerns about my class. You may also email me at anytime. I will also be available Wednesday through Friday for math help; I just ask that you please give me a day's notice. 

Again I am very excited about this year and can't wait to see how much my students grow!

-Mrs. Haun