Reading and English Block

Reading for the week of 2-15/2-19

  • Story for this week is Into the Ice. Please make sure the story is read at home some time this week.
  • Take home readers are sent home on 2-15 for 6H, due 2-17 and sent home 2-17 for 6W and due 2-19. Please be sure to sign students assignment book after it is read.
  • Vocabulary words for this week are: conquer, destiny, expedition, insulated, isolation, navigator, provisions, and verify. The words and their definitions are included within this weeks Family Times.
  • Our grammar skills this week is subject and object pronouns. This skill is also included in this weeks Family Times. A subject pronoun is used as the subject of a sentence. I, you, he, she, it, we, and they are subject prounouns. An object pronoun is used as a direct object or the object of a preposition in a sentence. Only these pronouns can be used as object pronouns: me, you, him, her, it us, and them.
  • We will be working with our Selection Test all week long and students are encouraged to bring it home for a parents review Thursday evening, as it is due Friday.