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 Welcome to Social Studies 8

 Social Studies: (purple)

--purple notebook  2 subject (additional notebooks may be needed throughout the year)

--purple folder 2 pocket (you will need to replace this as necessary)

-- blue highlighter

-- pens and pencils every day

--colored pencils as needed

-- 1 1/2 inch binder

--dry erase marker your choice of color

           General:  Supplies needed in all classes!


1.  Package of # 2 pencils you will need to supply additional pencils throughout the year as needed.

2.  Pens --- Blue or Black ink only

3.  Pencil Case --- a large zipper case which is to be filled with at least 6 pencils and 3 pens along with an eraser. (An adequate supply of pens and pencils must be brought to each class on a daily basis)  This is to be brought to class with you at all times and must be replenished as needed, on a regular basis

4.  Colored Pencils

5.  NO Permanent markers, sharpies or whiteout is permitted!

6.  pocket pencil sharpener—required for all classes

7.  orange plastic folder for homework brought to each class and home daily (additional folders may be needed if it becomes unable to hold assignments, or if the folder begins to fall apart)

8. Eraser(s)

It is the responsibility of the student to bring the necessary supplies to class.  If a student does not bring the necessary supplies to class they will not be able to complete the assignments and it will jeopardize their grade.