The following applies to tests and homewrok in Social Studies 8:

Homework is due on the date assigned.  each assignment must include your name, date and assignment.  When open ended questions are assigned for homework in Social Studies, the question must be restated in the answer. In addition all work must be answered in complete sentences.  Work that does not fulfill this criteria will not be graded.  Late work will be graded as follows 1 day late the maximum grade will be a 70, two days late the maximum grade will be a 40,  work that is theree or more days late is a 0!  (points are not deducted when you are absent from school)

When absent you are responsible to find out what you missed on your return, and make arrangements for turning the work in.  If you are absent for a test or quiz you will be expected to make it up on your return.

All tests and quizzes may be signed only for 5 points

Guidelines for test corrections: 

1----write out the entire question

2 ----write out the correct answer

3 ---- tell the page number in the book where you found the answer

4 ---- have a parent or guardians sign the test and return it on the day it is due (test corrections are not accepted after the due date unless you are absent)