syllabus Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution

Grade 6

Mrs. Horton

461-1255 voicemail ext 3046


          Conflict Resolution is a quarter course where you will learn about bullies, peer pressure, cliques, anger, self esteem, and making responsible choices.  We will discuss how to become a better listener, along with how words affect others.  Some of the activities we will do include an acrostic poem, a collage, and shield.  You will be required to bring a notebook to class with you each day, along with a pencil or pen (blue or black ink only).  Each day you will be required to complete a warm-up in your notebook.  Warm ups will be graded on a weekly basis.  If you do not bring the required materials to class or turn in your warm-ups, your grade will be affected.

           As middle school students I expect you to follow the school rules and our classroom rules.  In our classroom we respect others, keep our hands, feet, and unkind words to ourselves.  We raise our hand and wait to be called on.

Thank You,

Mrs. Horton