Mrs. Zentgraff

Greek God/Goddess Research


Your assignment is to choose a character from Greek mythology from the list at the bottom of this page and prepare a research report on that character.  No more than two people will be allowed to research each character, so make sure you have a second choice.  The criteria for the research paper is listed below:


- must be at least one page in length

- must be in MLA format

- must have a Works Cited page

- must have at least 2 sources


You should answer the following questions in your paper:


- What is this character known for? (i.e. What is he the god of?)

- What does this character look like?

- What qualities does this character possess?


Along with your research paper, you will be expected to present your findings orally to the class.  Final Research papers will be turned in on the day you present.  We will present on Monday, October 1st, and Tuesday, October 2nd.  The requirements for the oral presentation will be:


- must be 3-5 minutes in length

- must have a Power Point with at least 5 slides


We will discuss the presentation of your speeches in more detail in class!  Have fun, and be creative!




Hestia              Posiedon         Hermes            Demeter          Hera                Zeus

Athena                        Aphrodite        Ares                 Artemis           Hades              Apollo

Hephaestus      Dionysus