Mr. Welfley

Greek Mythology Presentation Assignment


For this assignment, students will research a Greek god, goddess, creature or character and present their findings to the class.  Students must use a visual aide (poster, power point presentation, props, etc.) for their presentation.  Also, students must write a two-paragraph summary about their topic.  Students will also include a works cited page in which they list their sources. 


Presentations are to be approximately 3-4 minutes long.  Your presentation will be graded based on a rubric you will receive before the presentations.  The information that you include in your presentation should include but is not restricted to:  1. Family background and relationships, including a family tree  2. Special powers/personality  3. Domain/area of rule  4. Weapons/objects   5. Role in major Greek mythological stories  6. Visual representations  7. Connections to the modern world.  Presentations will begin on Wednesday, November 16.  You should focus most of your attention on number 5-you won’t necessarily find information about your topic in all the areas.    


Presenters will be chosen at random: everyone needs to be ready to present on that day.  Students who use power point must save it to their student U: drives.  Students will turn in their written work on the due date (November 17) as well. 


Students must cite at least three sources for this assignment, one of which cannot be an internet source.  NO WIKIPEDIA.  You will title your bibliography page “Works Cited” (centered) and will format your entries in proper MLA style. Please copy down your source information (name of website, author, etc) for every source you use. 


Topics and presenters:

Athena-                                    Hades-

Apollo-                                    Atlas-

Poseidon-                                Prometheus-

Hermes-                                   Persephone-

Zeus-                                       Herakles-

Aphrodite-                               Muses-

Demeter-                                  Styx-

Circe-                                      Hephaestus-

Cyclops-                                   Medusa-

Hera-                                        Pan-

Helios-                                      Teiresias-

Scylla & Charybdis-                Kronos-

Ares-                                       Sirens-

Helen-                                     Nike-

Achilles-                                  Jason-

Artemis-                                  Perseus-



Cupid (Eros)-

The following is an explanation of how to cite from various kinds of sources:



Author, Last name first. Title of Book. City where published: Publisher, Most recent publication





Site creator, Last name first. “Title of Article.” Publisher of website. Date visited.  Website





Writer, Last name first. “Title of Story.” Magazine Name Date of Magazine: Page #.



“Subject Name.” Encyclopedia Name. Year of edition.



Any paper in which you borrow material from other sources must include a Works Cited page at the end of the paper. This is where you must list all sources that you used in the preparation of your paper.


  • You must still have your last name and page # in the upper right-hand corner.
  • The page must be entitled, Works Cited, in normal font, without punctuation, centered, at the top of the page.
  • Your entries must be listed in alphabetical order.
  • The first line of each entry is aligned left, additional lines are indented five spaces.
  • You must double space all of the typing, but do not add additional spaces between entries.


                                                Wildcat 3

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