About Me




My name is Mike Hudson and I am currently a high school English teacher pursuing a single subject credential. My interest in becoming a teacher came shortly after high school graduation. My first job after high school was as a baseball coach for the City of Oakland Parks and Recreation. My job responsibilities included analyzing and instructing the performance of athletes, ages six to ten, and prepare them for athletic competition in the field of Baseball. I also observed players while they played to determine the need for individual and team improvement. I found it worthwhile in seeing progress from these young athletes and help shape them to be their very best.


Nothing enthralls me more than tending to the precious concerns of our community. My purpose in life is to lead the next generation of scholars to be leaders of their communities. Also, to prepare this new generation of scholars to take on the harsh realities of the “real word”. I aspire to be an educator; I aspire to serve as a role model for our students; and I aspire to hone my students to greatness. My upbringing and preparation have prepared me to take on the massive responsibility of shaping their present and future, and to become lifelong learners.My plan is to teach high school as a career.  


When it comes to teaching, guiding students to be critical thinkers is a literacy issue that I encounter the most. Many of the high schoolers I teach have the tendency to do assignments to fulfill the requirements or answer questions just to get by. I have also observed many students ignore learning targets, which gives each assignment a purpose. In other words, students are doing work just to get a passing grade. Rather, students should comprehend learning objectives and understand why certain assignments are put out. To add, a teacher's objective when giving out an assignment is to improve on abilities and skills of students. Not, on the other hand, doing work to fulfill only an objective;Students need to build on their knowledge. It is important to involve students in their learning, building on those critical thinking skills, by engaging them into classroom discussion by asking questions (open and close ended), doing group work that expands their perspectives, and working independently with discussions following the given assignments.

In order to employ and honor different cultures, I would emphasize culturally relevant teaching. I would honor and validate each student’s culture. Culturally relevant teaching gives students the opportunity to relate their culture to an assignment. There are plenty things you could do such as legitimizing students real life experiences, and just having cultural based instruction, amongst other strategies. Also, I would meet with the families over the duration of a school year, and do an open house that showcases what is being taught in the classroom. Outside of open houses, I could conduct family-teacher conferences that could also highlight what is being taught in the class and the teaching strategies used to validate each students culture.

To close I am thrilled to be taking this course and want to prepare myself and learn as much as possible, whatever it may be, in serving our youth.